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You Are Not Alone

Struggling with an attraction to minors can be a lonely, confusing and challenging experience, and for some, this can, unfortunately, result in depression, anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem and suicidal ideation.  At MAP Friendly Therapy we are here to support you (or your loved one), through the journey of coming to terms with your attraction and working through any implications that this may be having on your life. With MAP Friendly you are not alone.

We recognize that Minor Attracted Persons are first and foremostly people,  who are entitled to have their human rights respected and to access counseling and support services without fear of discrimination. We seek to provide compassionate service, free from judgment.

Counselling Services

Appointments are available to individuals across the globe. Sessions are conducted via Zoom with a qualified and Registered Counselor. Services include:

Counselling for Minor Attracted Persons

Judgment-free and confidential therapy sessions are available to anyone who is struggling with an attraction to minors. Coming to terms with your attraction can be a confusing and lonely experience, and we are here to support you throughout this journey.

Counselling For Partners / Family Members of MAPs

Judgment-free and confidential therapy sessions are available for the partners, family, and friends of minor-attracted persons. Coming to terms with your loved one's attraction can be a challenging process and we are here to support you through the journey.

Your Therapist

Welcome!  I’m a qualified and registered counselor, who is passionate about working with ostracised minorities, including minor-attracted persons. It has been my desire to create a ‘map friendly’ practice, where you can feel safe seeking out therapy and expressing your attraction, desires and any struggles related to this, without fear of judgement. While I have developed a deep understanding of minor attraction over the years, you are of course welcome to explore any other aspects of your life in counselling too, whether related to your attraction or not.

I provide both short term counselling services, for those looking for short term, specific support, as well as longer-term, psychotherapy sessions, for those looking to take a deeper dive into their own minds, lives and developmental experiences.

 Don’t be afraid to reach out! 

Brad Ashley

About Minor Attraction

The term 'minor-attracted person' simply refers to individuals who have a romantic/sexual attraction to those under the age of consent; 'minors'. Whilst there are other labels that could be used to describe this attraction, such as pedophilia, these terms have often been conflated with sexual abuse and are now synonymous with perpetrators of child abuse. It is a common misconception that anyone who sexually abuses a child is minor-attracted, however, research indicates that the vast majority of those who sexually abuse children are not minor-attracted but are rather situational offenders. In addition to this, most minor-attracted persons do not harm/abuse children. To encourage a distinction between the two we have adopted the more neutral term 'minor-attracted person'.

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Research indicates that at least 20% of males have some degree of sexual attraction towards children and/or early adolescents. For many of these men, This attraction is not their primary preference and it is subordinate to their attraction to other adults. On the other hand, it is estimated that between 0.5% to 5% of males (and fewer females) have a primary attraction towards children and adolescents, which is often characterized by strong romantic feelings and a desire to protect children/adolescents.

Maps & Mental Health

An attraction to minors generally becomes apparent in puberty and adolescence. Therefore many minor-attracted persons are in fact young people themselves. Minor Attracted Persons do not choose their attraction and are often very distressed by its presence. This distress can, unfortunately, lead to depression, anxiety, isolation, alcohol/substance abuse and fear of discrimination.  Although distressed and often in need of support many minor-attracted persons are too afraid to seek out professional therapy.

At MAP Friendly Therapy we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to show compassion, understanding, and care towards these members of our community and that all minor-attracted persons should have access to supportive, compassionate counselling services.

Preventing Child Abuse

Approximately 21 - 25% of girls and 10 - 11 % of boys are sexually abused by the age of 16; that is around 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 10 boys.  We believe that it is only possible to drastically reduce these tragic numbers with a complete paradigm shift. 

The impact of childhood abuse, of all kinds, cannot be overstated or overestimated. Child abuse not only adversely impacts the victim, often for their entire lives, but it also adversely impacts society as a whole and future generations. At MAP Friendly Therapy, we categorically stand against the physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse of children.

The primary focus of MAP Friendly Therpay is to provide counselling services to Minor Attracted Persons and their loved ones, however, in line with our commitment to preventing child abuse we donate a portion of all profits to various organisations whose primary focus is the prevention of child abuse.

“Compassion Is The Basis Of Morality.”

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Frequantly Asked Questions

Is The Service Confidential?

Our counselling services are strictly confidential. You can have confidence knowing that the matters discussed in your counselling sessions will remain between yourself and your therapist.  The only exception to this is if a patient were to disclose a serious crime that would be subjected to mandatory reporting guidelines. These matters will be discussed in your first appointment.

How Much Do Counselling / Therapy Sessions Cost?

We have sought to keep our fees as low as possible. Sessions cost $65 USD. For your privacy payments are processed via credit card with an anonymous transaction name.

What Countries Do You Provide Counselling Services To?

Appointments are conducted via ZOOM, allowing us to assist people across the globe. Currently, only English-speaking services are available.

Do I Need A Referral?

A referral is not required. You can directly book an appointment with a therapist by clicking 'contact us' below.

A Confidential, Judgement Free Service

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